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DeFi & NFT Gaming Platform AnRKey X Secures Native Smart Contracts With CertiK

CertiK | Feb 11

We’re happy to announce that AnRKey X’s main ERC-20 contractwhich contains the $ANRX token implementation, was successfully audited by CertiK Professional Services Division. In this spotlight, we outline the scope of the audit, as well as present some of the issues found during the auditing process.

Employee Spotlight: Camden Smallwood

CertiK | Feb 2

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, featuring profiles from our employees across all teams and offices! Previously, we introduced Peiyu Wang. Let’s meet another one of CertiK’s expert engineers: Camden Smallwood.

CertiK 101: Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) - draft

CertiK | Jan 28

Ethereum Foundation’s infrastructure empowers its users to take part in shaping its future whilst maintaining and promoting a decentralized standpoint. Therefore, when it comes to Ethereum upgrades and improvements, all originate from the community, naturally in a transparent and public manner. Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are the means through which network updates and application standards are discussed and developed.

Paid Network ERC-20 Contract Stamped By CertiK

CertiK | Jan 27

We’re excited to announce that Paid Network’s codebase which contains the Paid ERC-20 Token, was successfully audited by CertiK. This article elaborates further on the scope of the audit.

CertiK Joins The DeFi Gaming Alliance To Boost Security In The Industry

CertiK | Jan 20

A joint effort between a plethora of sub-Ethereum projects, professionals, and service providers, aiming to upscale the decentralized gaming experience to its modest form, the DeFi Gaming Alliance is formed among AnRKey X, Ferrum Network, Exeedme, DigiCol, and CertiK.