CertiK SkyTrace is an intelligent, intuitive graph tracing tool to help you visualize risk of fraud between BSC and Ethereum type wallets.

Security Insights For Crypto Wallets

SkyTrace makes use of intelligent insights to provide a graphical representation around suspicious events happening between BSC and Ethereum crypto wallets.

  • AML


    A community driven Anti-money laundering solution for your wallet

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Actionable Intelligence

    An intuitive visualization tool for identifying and tracing suspicious flows to and from your wallet

  • Fraud Prevention

    Fraud Prevention

    An intelligent solution to help monitor fraud activity happening on your wallet


Trace Insights For Crypto Wallets

Use an intuitive relationship graph to trace the interactions between relevant nodes involved in a transaction. Drill down with one click for further details on information about the event

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  • What is SkyTrace?

    SkyTrace is a graphical trace tool for tracking suspicious activity between Ethereum and BSC wallets.

  • Do I need to purchase SkyTrace to use the tool?

    SkyTrace is currently FREE. You can check out the tool here. By using the tool you hopefully see the value CertiK brings to this space. CertiK has a broad set of other products and tools you may benefit from, and we encourage you to check those out too.

  • What can I do with SkyTrace?

    With SkyTrace you can identify links between counterparties, visualize the flow of funds, and reduce the risk of fraud or Anti-money laundering (AML) activity.

  • Can I filter for certain activities?

    Yes, you can filter for transfers based on $ dollar amount or dates using the filter options above the graph itself. You can also highlight and freeze specific activity by selecting ‘route’ on the nodes.

  • Can I save a specific visualization trace with the tool?

    Yes. Click ‘share’ to generate a custom link that will revert directly to the wallet visualization you created.

  • How can I connect multiple wallets?

    Highlight any wallet node and click ‘expand’ to continually link together different addresses.

  • What types of addresses are supported in SkyTrace?

    SkyTrace identifies addresses that are externally owned accounts, smart contracts or special wallets, such as exchange hot wallets.

  • What chains are supported with SkyTrace?

    SkyTrace currently supports Ethereum and BSC addresses.