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CertiK and Kava Labs Announce Partnership

CertiK | Oct 6

CertiK is proud to announce a partnership with Kava Labs -  a company that provides composable DeFi apps and services that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world - to protect the Kava Ecosystem. This strategic partnership continues to demonstrate Certik’s leadership in the blockchain security space, while further expanding CertiK’s security suite into a new ecosystem.

Citadel.one Undertakes A CertiK Audit To Enhance DAO Security

CertiK | Sept 9

In preparation for the move to DAO governance and operations, the team have pursued a CertiK Audit to ensure the security of the DAO, its participants, and the wider Citadel community.

Kava Labs Completes CertiK Audit for Kava Swap

CertiK | Aug 31

In preparation for the launch of their new product, Kava Swap, Kava Labs underwent their fifth CertiK audit to ensure the safety and security for the community and the Swap Protocol. A CertiK audit will identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities using the most rigorous and thorough cybersecurity techniques.

CertiK x Seedify.fund AMA

CertiK | Jul 2

On the 22nd of June we [invited our community to fire questions ](https://twitter.com/certik_io/status/1407323370119733251)to the CertiK team and the great folk at SeedifyFund. The response was amazing, and we had a blast answering your questions!

Audit Complete - XEND Finance

CertiK | Apr 30

The CertiK Security Team has successfully completed an audit of XEND Finance’s smart contract’s delta related to the rewarding group creator. The code in the audit is comprised of code related to rewarding a group's creator with a percentage of the commission fee as well as to track total $XEND token rewards. A summary of the audit and its findings follows up.